Judy Berry
In an attempt to curtail the world's ever-growing population, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the UN have pledged to do just that by destroying family farms across the world. Such evidence can be seen in the Netherlands where many farmers are no longer able to farm due to newly created laws. What is so incredible is that this small country exports 50% of its product to the European Union. The subsequent result along with similar plans in other nations across the world will surely result in a world-wide famine. Already in this country Biden has a plan to get rid of 30% of American farms by 2030 supposedly due to the methane gas emitted into the air due to animal feces. This insane plan will certainly come to fruition unless the good Lord intervenes . Obviously the goal is to place power into the hands of the elite who deem themselves the saviors of the world. God help us!
7 months ago

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