Judy Berry
11 months ago (E)
I finally was able to watch the video 2000 Mules so graciously provided free to us by Patriots Media who also developed this free site. I had heard of it about a year ago but didn't know how to go about accessing it. If you have not viewed it, you really should. It is quite an eye-opener about how the 2020 election was stolen. Please take the time to watch it! The link is provided to you on this site.
Patriots Media
11 months ago (E)
About a year ago, a shocking film was released that suggested the 2020 presidential election was decided not by votes but by “mules” who changed the course of history, by placing multiple ballots at a time to multiple drop boxes. Of course this story never got the attention it deserved, and was aggressively fact checked and dismissed by the media and newspapers as a hoax or fake news. Just like they have with the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

If you went to bed at a sane hour on election night 2020, Donald Trump still had large leads in three key swing states across America’s Rust Belt – Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

By the time you woke up, those leads had mostly evaporated. How is that possible? President Trump was way ahead in all three states. Where did such a massive swing towards Mr Biden come from? This video gives me pause and a reminder on how far the left will go to win at any cost, and why we must insist on voter id, and demand an end to drop boxes and ballot harvesting.
#2000 Mules
Kevin Kwasnik
2 yr. ago

The US National Debt has just crossed a new record, a whopping 30 Trillion dollars. Over the last few decades, our leaders have been recklessly spending your tax dollars, without any regard to the consequences of such actions, nor do they really care.

To give you a little perspective on the level of debt we are in ...

In 1980 the US National Debt was under 1 Trillion.
In 1990 the US National Debt was under 3 Trillion.
in 2000 the US National Debt was 5.7 Trillion.
in 2012 the US National Debt was 14.8 Trillion.

In 2022, just 10 years later, we have DOUBLED, our debt to over 30 Trillion.

To make matters even worse, the Biden Administration's agenda wants to pile on trillions more in additional spending.

Funny how the Liberals wrongfully changed the word conservative definition to mean; averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values.

Conservatives are not bad people. There is nothing wrong with traditional values, like men are men, and woman are women. And with the same premise, there is nothing wrong with "conserving" tax dollars, paying our bills on time, getting out of debt, spend within our means, and having a budget. Bring those things up and the liberals go on the attack and pull the race card, scream that we need to accept change, and tell our children we got it all wrong.

We are well on the way of bankrupting this country, and we know who's perverted idea's and values got us here.

Does 30 Trillion in debt worry you? Get the facts at usdebtclock.org

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