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YackYak is a social media platform and microblogging website similar to Twitter but without all the bias & censorship. Big Tech censorship has become a regular occurrence in recent years, Twitter being one of the worst, and after observing this behavior, and hearing from others that people were wanting an alternative, we quit using Facebook and Twitter and started working to provide an alternative. In April of 2021 YackYak was born.

Twitter has it's Larry the Bird and refers to user's posts as "tweets". In contrast, YackYak has it's Yac the Yak and refers to user's posts as "yacks". YackYak supports free speech, so you can Yack about anything you want (except of course threats of violence, illegal activity, and lawless actions - See our Terms of Service) and doesn't invade your privacy. We believe freedom comes at the price of responsibility. We expect all to exercise personal responsibility to not express hate or violence but instead debate with your fellow man with reason.

YackYak doesn't employ thousands to censor content, but rather we let the community police itself by letting users report posts that they deem inappropriate. Even better, we don't use algorithms, all of our content is organic; meaning we don't manipulate people, posts, view points, opinions, search results, not anything.

YackYak is a service provided for "all people" regardless of your race, religion, nationality, religion, creed, ethnicity, or sex. We fully support the 1st Admendment and your right to free speech. In fact we beleive in your right to free expression so much, that we provide up to 1500 characters for each yack to express yourself more completely.

YackYak is for everyone. Your free to "yack" about your family, your life, your loves, your hobbies, your pets, your work, your likes, your dislikes, and even politics -- if you must, but just know, with very few exceptions, we will always support your right to express yourself freely -- well within 1500 characters at a time.

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