Patriots Media
12 months ago
Elon Musk, tells Tucker Carlson that the U.S. government had full access to everything on the social media platform, including private direct messages (DMs) between users.
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Judy Berry
1 yr. ago
Just read that Facebook or Meta Enterprises is entertaining the idea of creating a social media platform to rival Twitter since Elon Must took it over.
Patriots Media
1 yr. ago (E)
Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) clashed with Colleen Shogan, nominee to be Archivist of the United States, and National Archives and Records Administration. Refusing to answer questions about public posts she made on Twitter. #nominee #JoshHawley
Kevin Kwasnik
2 yr. ago
After spending so much time and effort building YacYak as an alternative to Twitter, we now have much of the features they have. The only thing we lack is "people".

Watching the news unfold about Twitter reconsidering Elon Musks bid to buy Twitter just makes me ponder. I mean really!!! 43 Billion!??? ya, thats with a "B", Billion. You could build a few dozen social media sites with that kind of money! I believe Elon would do better to build his own, or simply support platforms that will support Free Speech, like YacYak, Gab or Parler.

I will always maintain the belief that free speech can only thrive if the platform DOESNT employ thousands to censor people. People know how to police themselves. Thats why we provide a "Report Post" feature, so users can flag posts for our review.

Speaking of Free Speech, do you remember the Larry Flynt case that was before the Supreme Court decades ago?

Larry Flynt was sued by Reverend Jerry Falwell in 1983 over an offensive parody in Hustler that depicted Falwell’s having a sexual encounter with his own mother in an out-house. Falwell, enraged by this depiction, sued Flynt for emotional distress. The Supreme Court ultimately sided with Larry Flynt, by stating public figures cannot seek retribution or recover damages for “intentional infliction of emotional distress” based on parodies or unrealistic depictions.

The point is unpopular speech is protected, and as much as the far left or the media hates it, its not misinformation as they like to call it.

People have a right to their own thoughts and opinions, and thats why YacYak was born, to help protect that God given right.

Keep on Yacking about the things you love America!

Speak Freely!

- Kevin
#FreeSpeech #ElonMusk
Mandy WGR
2 yr. ago
page construction is almost complete come that time i'll have to cut back my time on here some to get important matters tended to out in the real world one of them being my booster shot so i can get back on weekdays hopefully go up on my hours at my part time job in retail i will be doing everything i possibly can to get soon to be twitter refugees over here & i'm pretty much echoing the words i made over at the sister site to here myfriends.social

to continue to echoing those words twitter has been resurrected to it's former glory before it was brought down by the extreme liberal radical left democrats & that resurrection's name is yacyak i thank admin Kevin & his terrific staff for overall resurrecting twitter, facebook, youtube & bing May God Bless You All for all you have done & fight for one of the things that our country was founded for FREE SPEECH continue the great fight & most importantly May God Bless America
Mandy WGR
2 yr. ago
looks like sadly Philadelphia congressman republican Guy Reschenthaler is off the market & got hitched either last month or sometime in September the last 2 video clips i seen of him he has got a big gold wedding band on him he has definitely not mentioned anything on twitter & he has not mentioned anything on facebook or instagram as far as i know about his nuptials i guess he don't want his new wife being targeted by the extreme radical left especially the pathetic trolls well Guy congrats on your marriage even though i feel really bummed about it but trying to think on the positive side there is still plenty of single guys to admire from afar ?
Mandy WGR
2 yr. ago
looks like Lindsey Graham is getting brutally attacked on twitter becoming another victim of the radical left here is the latest backtalk:
It’s being reported that Lindsey Graham told police to open fire on protesters on January 6th. He is reported as telling police, “You’ve got guns! Use them!”— Eric Matheny ? (EricMMatheny) November 1, 2021
Mandy WGR
2 yr. ago
hi folks back with a brand new page due to i accidentally lost the info to my other i'll be doing everything i possibly can to get twitter refugees here this is a WHOLE lot better than twitter & also crabber.net better features more text & also u can put up GIFS i will do my best to be here for the long haul & KEEP TRACK OF MY INFO TO MY ACCOUNT THIS TIME ? it's great to be back on yacyak may God Bless America & thank u Kevin for creating your outstanding sites you rock! ?

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