Judy Berry
8 days ago
I just posted my short letter on AFR.net (American Family Radio) to persecuted Christians in Russia. It was so easy to do and I am hoping that it may help someone who may need a word of encouragement because we can all use that during difficult times in our lives. Remember you can also do this during Feb.12-16, 2024. So get involved!!
Judy Berry
2 months ago
Just read the Supreme Court is planning to hear the case that will decide Trump’s fate regarding his being on the 2024 Presidential ballot this fall. Will be interesting to learn the result of the ruling.
Kevin Kwasnik
10 months ago (E)
My wife and I are planning our first cruise, and it's going to be on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas. Built in 2010 She is a huge ship at 1,181 feet in length. That's 75 feet longer than the world's biggest warship, the USS Gerald R. Ford which is 1,106 feet in length.

This will probably be the trip of a lifetime for us, and we are excited to begin planning every detail! We are not going till 2024, so we have plenty of time to plan it carefully. ?
Patriots Media
10 months ago
Donald Trump responds to Joe Biden's announcement to run for re-election in 2024.
Patriots Media
12 months ago (E)
Patriots Media
12 months ago
Trump Lets Loose On 'Biden And The Globalists,' Proposes Major China Trade Overhaul

Kevin Kwasnik
3 yr. ago
Would you vote for Trump if he ran again in 2024?



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