Judy Berry
1 yr. ago
Was watching a video provided by THE EPOCH TIMES about our power grid. Very worrisome! The major transformers used are made in China and that could be a real problem. Would be easy to take our grid down if that country decided to send us defective ones. That would put America in the dark- causing widespread blackouts. It used to take a year to get one from there but now it takes 4 years by the time it is ordered and delivered. During the Trump era he signed an executive order protecting the grid but as soon as Biden came into office he ended that order for 90 days. Why - I don't know. Doesn't make sense - not logical to endanger this country. When a major transformer was hit by lightning back in 1977 in NJ it caused a major outage in NYC which resulted in millions of dollars of damage due to the escalation of crime. America is dead in the water without electricity!!!
Patriots Media
1 yr. ago
Trump Lets Loose On 'Biden And The Globalists,' Proposes Major China Trade Overhaul

Judy Berry
1 yr. ago
Shocking!!! Just read an article from THE EPOCH TIMES news that really disturbs me: The Biden administration is preparing to sign up the United States to a “legally binding” accord with the World Health Organization (WHO) that would give the Geneva-based United Nations health agency the authority to dictate America’s policies during a pandemic." That means that others can dictate what happens to us in the US regarding health concerns. And it will not stop with just pandemics according to the article. That means that others outside the US will be able to dictate to us what we can and can't do regarding our health -- to lock down or not to lock down, what medicines we will have and how much. States will no longer have individual authority over their own citizens and doctors will no longer be calling the shots - no pun intended! Every country that signs on to this will supposedly be treated "equitably." That seems to be the popular word now - equitably. Former President Trump pulled us out from WHO (World Health Organization) of which China is a major player and we no longer had to pay millions of dollars to this corrupt organization that applauded China for its efforts when Covid first hit. Everything in the world today is going towards a one world order with the loss of our autonomy! And, I for one, OBJECT!!!
Judy Berry
1 yr. ago
Thought Surveillance Tech Launches This Year -

JOSHUA PHILIPP (from Epoch Times video)

Tools to your brain activity are set to release this year, and already there are groups proposing how it can be used by businesses to monitor the thoughts of employees, and by law enforcement to spot potential criminals. The technology and its potential uses were discussed at the recent World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. (China is already using this experimental US developed technology to monitor brain waves on some of its school kids! )
Patriots Media
1 yr. ago (E)
Fellow Patriots,

It's becoming very clear that President Biden is giving China a pass at every turn. How can anyone at this point think anything except he's a compromised President? Despite the reports of millions of dollars he and his family received from China, it doesn't end there.

FIRST: Biden sat back while China bought up millions of acres of American farmland. Some adjacent to U.S. Military bases!

THEN: He sold thousands of barrels of oil from our strategic petroleum reserve to China One batch of oil, totaling 950,000 barrels, was sold on April 21 to Unipec America, a Houston-based, Chinese-owned company.

NOW: He’s allowing China to fly surveillance balloons across our country.

Every act of aggression that China makes towards our nation is met by an uncaring President who is happy to relinquish our sovereignty to the Communist party of China.

This kind of disregard for the safety of our nation is something I’ve never witnessed before.
#Biden #China

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