Judy Berry
Just lost everything I just typed. What an exasperating thing to happen! So I will just say very quickly that I have been so busy this summer with gardening and canning and freezing veggies that I haven't had the time to spend on this site. Perhaps now I can hopefully be on here more frequently. Also, I have had several close family members to have health issues. Just have to pray all goes better for each of them. To top everything off, we caught a young skunk in a live trap. Noticed it this morning. Can't get anyone to come out and help there. Tried calling the county animal control, which I soon learned does not come out for wild animals. In addition, I called a couple other private companies that also deal in this type thing but they are too far away to send someone, or they are covered up or simply too expensive. SO what does one do?? Call Ghost Busters, I guess!!!!
11 months ago

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