Judy Berry
"Divide and conquer" - an age-old war strategy that has been used time and time again throughout history. This time - sadly - it is happening in America -- in almost every avenue of society. From politics to race relations to our schools and finally to our churches. Blacks and LGBTQ's are the pawns. They really think they are finally being recognized because the powers that be - the ones in control and causing all the unrest - want them to think they are on their side but in reality they are not. The power people who are funding all this dissention and unrest could care less about these unhappy people. They are being deceived into thinking that they are finally getting what they deserve but in actuality they will be no better off than they are now. There will always be the down and out people on this earth who are put down and ostracized this side of Heaven. This struggle is about the soul of America and the power-hungry who want to destroy America and reshape it the way they want it to be. So what better way than to divide the nation to accomplish their mission? If they achieve their goals, then America will no longer be the land of the free and a land of opportunity. So we had better realize that we must speak out and take a stand for what we know in our hearts is right.
1 yr. ago

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